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U.S. Veterans Are First to Access Healthcare with The Assistance Of Groundbreaking AI Technology

06 January 2023

Veterans Healthcare to Improve with the use of AI thanks to MediKarma and National Veterans Transition Service.

Veterans will be amongst the first to enjoy premium access to a ground-breaking AI, designed to improve wellness and promote longevity, thanks to a collaboration between MediKarma, Inc, and the National Veterans Transition Service.

Health and well-being are among the biggest concerns for America’s Veterans. MediKarma is changing the way we think about Veteran care by empowering users to own and understand their health conditions with the assistance of an advanced AI named, Jill. This technology creates a personalized visual avatar with color coded indicators, generates a personal health score, and acts as a healthcare assistant to help users navigate their medical conditions.

Kris Narayan - CEO and Founder of MediKarma

Enabling our Vets to understand their specific healthcare needs can be a key element in assisting a successful re-entry into civilian life

Established in 2010, the National Veterans Transition Service and its REBOOT Workshops were designed to meet an acute need for a robust military to civilian transition program. By addressing transition issues at the root cause, NVTSI and its network of partners helps service members, veterans and spouses successfully transition from the military-to-civilian world through a three phased, 15-day intensive workshop that empowers them with resiliency and self-sufficiency.

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