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Wellness AI-Visualization Engine

Thousands of data points that live on hundreds of databases entirely out of reach make your unique health fingerprint.

WAVE connects the dots and personalizes visualization tools to bring you closer to your medical data so you can assess and act on your health in real time. 



Inspired by the perfect human algorithm, first visualized in Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man, MediKarma has consolidated centuries of medical practice and the latest healthcare protocols to create a first-of-a-kind heath visualization algorithm (WAVE). 

WAVE evaluates a person's wellness condition in real time; and represents it in the form of a digital avatar, a holistic wellness score, organ-based health risks, and a personalized step-by-step wellness journey.


Our members are at the center of every one of our innovations.

Our passion is to help you make health happen everyday by understanding your body's condition and providing insights to live a happier life.

You are the reason we have built MediKarma! We are relentless in the pursuit of perfection, we look forward to receiving your thoughts, feedback and success stories.  

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