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New Regulations Will Allow for Safer and More Responsible AI Use but Cannot Hamper Innovation

13 December 2023

Announced in late October, President Biden’s Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence promises to reshape the digital health landscape by ensuring the responsible use of AI. More specifically, the order introduces new standards for AI safety and security, protects Americans' privacy, advances equity and civil rights, stands up for consumers, and promotes innovation and competition. It is expected that the changes outlined in the Executive Order will have a substantial impact on the digital health sector in the United States, establishing AI regulations for a future marked by safe, effective, and impactful AI in healthcare. Like many, MediKarma will be watching quite closely.

As a seasoned technology veteran, I feel that AI in general has been heading in the wrong direction for a while. While a hot buzzword in recent years, the technology has been positioned to solve not only all of healthcare’s greatest problems but all the world’s problems in general. But with this potential also comes great responsibility. As an industry, we need to re-evaluate the definition of how AI is being used and find a way to leverage the technology securely but also in a way that achieves maximum impact. For example, today’s AI systems rely on a vast and unreliable pool of data sources, which can also lead to unpredictability and risks, including generating hallucinations, which can be detrimental and dangerous in the context of healthcare. In contrast, MediKarma’s AI sources information exclusively from credible and established entities like the WHO, FDA, NHS, etc., ensuring safer and more accountable responses.

With “Jill AI”, our team has developed a generative AI-powered personalized health assistant to deliver personalized healthcare guidance at scale, effectively democratizing information, while empowering users to take complete charge of their health. Our technology works by consolidating hundreds of data points from medical health records, smart device data, and daily behavioral inputs which when combined, create a 360-degree personalized profile of a user’s health. As a leading player in the AI space, we’re committed to ensuring trust and transparency in our AI development, which is a pivotal part of this new Executive Order. For example:

But while the Executive Order is a promising first step to enshrine safety during this period of explosive AI growth, and a need for the technology to be used in a responsible manner we also firmly believe that it cannot come at the price of innovation which is also core to our success. In order to strike this balance MediKarma remains dedicated to consistently innovating within the guardrails, finding new ways to push AI to achieve the best performance while also enforcing safeguards for liability and privacy. This means leveraging AI to search all possible answers to maximize responses while manually/algorithmically selecting only the responses that are safe and appropriate for our patients. Finally, this means always operating using a safe structural response system.

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