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The Healthcare Revolution Has Begun with MediKarma's AI-App for empowering patients

28 December 2022

Medikarma Announces the Launch of its First-of-A-Kind AI-Enabled Preventative-Care Platform on the Apple Store and at

MediKarma’s launch marks the beginning of a new era in personalized wellness. The ground-breaking app consolidates medical records and smart device data to help users measure, visualize, and understand their health, allowing them to take action for improving it through a customized artificial intelligence (AI) enabled preventative-care and healthful journey. This announcement comes just as new federal rules took effect on October 6, 2022, under the 21st Cures Act, allowing patients to access their electronic health records (EHR) freely. MediKarma gives Americans the tools to consolidate their medical data on an intuitive and user-friendly platform that empowers them to OWN their records and take control of their health.

MediKarma’s AI preventative-care assistant, “JILL”, consolidates centuries of medical knowledge, modern protocols, and medical data to guide users through a personalized wellness plan while simplifying access to their records with the click of a button. Additionally, MediKarma users can ask JILL questions to learn facts about their health history, medical concepts, and recommendations on how to improve their health.

Stan Kachnowski – HITLAB Chair

MediKarma is poised to be the most sophisticated health and wellness app on the planet. It has been years in the making by a team of experts from Stanford School of Medicine, GE Healthcare, CVS, Blue Cross, CMC, and McKinsey, to name a few.

Kris Narayan - CEO and Founder of MediKarma

MediKarma aggregates data in real time from Electronic Health Records (EHR), wearables, and multiple connected devices. The information is presented in the form of a personalized avatar that shows a person’s health status. Users can drill down on each area of the body to understand their exact condition, potential risks, and personalized recommendations on how to improve their condition. Like an informational dashboard for real life, MediKarma’s custom-AI WAVE engine calculates a wellness score that moves up or down with daily improvement or decline, keeping users engaged and motivated to improve their overall well-being.

In the era of patient-centric, personalized healthcare, MediKarma is empowering its users to own, understand, and improve their health with the assistance of its AI-powered wellness platform. It consolidates and processes data from medical records and smart devices and displays it in a user-friendly dashboard that includes a human visualization avatar, a dynamic health score, and a voice-activated healthcare assistant named JILL. JILL answers questions about the user's health history and guides them through a personalized wellness plan while simplifying access to their records with the click of a button to lead their health journey from a position of knowledge. Tomorrow's healthcare is available today at

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